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Warnings: None
Effects: Happiness, a need to please, wariness and calmness

After exiting the passageway between worlds, the two travelers fell abruptly into the new world. There was a slight surprise at falling so suddenly but the two travelers were about to graceful land on their feet. Two pairs of eyes surveyed the unfamiliar environment and their eyes widened slightly at what they beheld. Before any of them could say a word, the sound of waves crashing against  rocks and shore could be heard.

"A beach?" The shorter one of the pair finally said.

Where the two travelers stood was a beach with white sand and crystal blue water. From where they stood, they could see the ocean floor. A little away from the beach, were a group of  palm trees and beyond that, what looked like a jungle. While the shorter traveler was taking in the sights, the taller one was looking warily at the jungle behind them. He couldn't sense anyone, but he was still apprehensive.

He turned back to his companion. "We should go to the next world."

"But Kamui...." The other said with a pleading smile. "We've never been to the beach before? Can't we just stay for awhile."

Kamui just looked at the other and only said, "The hunter..."

The shorter one looked guilty now. Actually, he had a pained expression. His emerald eyes were downcast as he murmured. "I know..."

Now, Kamui was mirroring the other's look. He didn't mean to make the other upset. The vampire actually looked conflicted, but his decision was made. "We can stay...but only for a little bit."

The other smiled happily at the other, his emerald eyes bright. The taller traveler couldn't help but smile back. If he was happy then so was Kamui. And even though, the vampire had said they could only stay for a while, it turned out that stayed for an entire day. Before moving on to the next world.


The dream ends, but the dreamberry is recording in a dark place. It's hard to make out anything, even with screen light. However, after awhile, a pair of amber eyes is spotted and the dreamberry is cut off with a swift SLAM!

(ooc: Blue is Kamui and Green is Subaru. Though his name wasn't mentioned.)
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