Apr. 26th, 2011

waitsforbrother: (Got a problem?)
Who: Kamui and anyone disrupting his peace and quiet
Where: His apartment complex or even outside it.
Style: First, third, or either
Status: Open

Kamui would have stayed at the office, but that place was too stifling. He only stayed there when he really had to, but he tried not to be around his father's things. Even if he had used the office years after his father's passing, Kamui still kept it the same. And whenever, someone would try to change something, he was already flipping out. His father's office was one of the few things he had of the other, so he tried his best to keep in the same likeness as the other.

But Kamui found the place suffocating at times. It made him nervous to be there. He didn't know how to  explain the anxiety he felt, but he knew it was real enough for him to be in a hurry to leave.So, Kamui decided to finish his work in the comforts of his own home. Sure it wasn't as quiet as his father's office, but he had his way of dealing with the nuisances that tried to threaten his sleep or his productivity. So as soon as he came in he decided to sit down and do just that. Work. Daring anyone to interrupt him.


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