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Warnings: Tsubasa Chronicle Spoilers...maybe
Effects: (optional) panic, desperation and a bit of anger


Slowly the dark haired boy became conscious. Feeling a coolness envelope his body and it was hard to open his eyes against the water that pressed against them. His eyes shot open, realizing that he was underwater. Just moments ago, he had just arrived in this strange world with his brother and they were drawn to the power at the reservoir. He remember peering into the water with Subaru before everything went blank.


Kamui's eyes widen, looking about him. That was Subaru's voice. Where was he? Then the vampire spotted him, the other seemed to be in distress. There was something pulling Subaru deeper into the depths of water. Kamui snapped into action, surging through the strong currents in order to reach the green eyed vamp. His arm stretching out in order to reach the other. He watches as the other reaches out toward him, their fingers a millimeter from touching. But the strong current bests Kamui, pushing him back.

He tried his best to get back to Subaru, but something had already formed around the vampire. A protective-like bubble.  Still Kamui doesn't give up, fighting against the current until he manages to break through. He reaches the orb that contains the green eyed male and began to viciously attack it. But no matter what he did, it remain unscratched.

Kamui...it's okay. It's not hurting me. Kamui heard the other's voice in his head and he pauses to see the other wasn't in any sort of pain. I think it's trying to protect these.

Kamui looks behind Subaru and sees two feathers in the orb with him. Was this the source of the power they felt? Even so, why chose Subaru to imprison? Kamui didn't get a chance to finish his thoughts when he realize something about Subaru, he looked tired. Was the feather draining him of his energy too? No it was worse, The feathers were making Subaru, sleep causing a film to form over the other's form. Kamui begins to pounds at the orb once more.

SUBARU! Kamui continues to pound against the bubble with all his strength, hoping it would do something, but it was too strong. Subaru was almost completely encased in something like a chrysalis.

Kamui, I'm going to sleep. Can you wait for me to wake up? Was the last words, Kamui heard from the green eyed male say to him before he was completely hidden within the cocoon. For a moment, Kamui just stares, not believing what just happened. Subaru was not at his side anymore, he was alone.


Kamui opens his eyes as the dream came to a close. The feed shows the vampire lounging on a branch. Kamui doesn't react right away to Dreamberry, his mind seemingly in another world.
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