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Warnings: Head canon
Effects: (optional) Nervousness,anxious, distrust, worry

There was a woman walking through a marketplace with two small boys at her side. The woman with long ebony hair walked with a regal air to her. Her blue eyes was bright and kind. And there was a gentle smile on her lips as she moved slowly through the crowded market. The children at her sides, looked very alike aside from the difference in eye color. One possessed blue eyes and the other green. The young boys were holding on to the side of her dress. Their hold so tight, she could feel them tugging on her gown as she walked, but that only made the woman smiled even more. She stopped in her tracks and addressed them. "Kamui, Subaru...there's nothing to be afraid of."

The boys looked up at her as she said this, but somehow their anxiety wasn't soothed. They turned away from the woman, looking warily at the crowd of people that surrounded them. The woman lowered herself to their level, bringing them close to her and staring them straight in the eye."These people will do you no harm. We may not get along with them all the time, but they are no different from us. Right now, for all they know, we're just people, a mother with her children."

The boys still looked a bit skeptical. The one with the blue eyes spoke first. "What if they find out?"

The woman smiled sympathetically,"They won't find out. And I am right here. I will never let any harm come to the both of you."

The boy with the green eyes seem to be much relaxed after that. He turned looking around, spotting something he wanted. "Can Kamui and I get an apple?"

"Sure." She replied as she ran hers hands through their dark hair. "Just stay together. I'll be here waiting for you."

The green eyed child smiled, taking a hold of his brother's hand. The blue eyed boy was reluctantly pulled toward the apple stand. The child with the green eyes confidently takes an apple and gave the seller a coin in exchange. And the other boy was very close to him, glaring at the seller making sure he didn't do anything strange. For a far, the ebony haired smiled at them from a distance.


Kamui eyes opened as soon as the dream ended, he sat up, back in his present body. He was no longer under the effect of the card, thankfully. But that didn't mean the time as a child was forgotten. Everything was coming back to him, and now Kamui was feeling slightly embarrassed now. His eyes turned to the dreamberry, realizing it was on. He moved to turn it off, but doesn't.

"For those of you who helped me this past week....thanks." Kamui said, before turning the device now. He was going to hide under a rock now.
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