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Warnings: None
Effects: (Optional) Costume swap! Either from Katekyo Hitman Reborn or Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

His arms were crossed over his stomach and his eyes were closed. The figure only moved when a small bird sat upon his head, making his eyes open and turn down the street.

Kamui spotted a latecomer racing toward the school gates in an attempt to beat the clock. But before the  other could reach the institution, the bell had rung, sealing his fate. Still the other raced toward the gates, not seeing Kamui at first, but when his eyes did, the scholar stopped cold."H-hibari K-kyoya." He trembled.

Kamui pushed off the wall, wearing a very different uniform from the other. Kamui's dark jacket draping over his shoulders, and the red and yellow armband more visible to the misfortunate student that earlier."You're late. Tardiness is against Namimori Middle school rules."

The student placed his hands together in a pleading pose. "I'm very sorry, but I didn't hear my alarm! And my mother didn't wake me up either....."

"Be quiet." Kamui interrupted, not in the mood to hear the other's excuses. To show how much he was irritated, a single tonfa slipped into his hands from underneath his jacket. "Go to class, or I'll bite you to death."

The student didn't hesitate, running into the school and not looking back. Kamui followed after him, yawning into his hand. Now that things were much quieter maybe he would be able to get some sleep. Before he entered the school building he paused, eyes not bothering to try to see above his head.He already knew the little bird was still there. "You already know animals are not allowed within the school."

With that the yellow bird took off and flew into the sky. Leaving the other to enter the building.

Kamui woke up to find himself in the same clothes he had in his dream. The school uniform and the red and yellow armband that held so much power. "At least...it's not a pumpkin this time."

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