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[ The brunette is seen sitting at  a large wooden desk and leaning into a high back cushioned chair, reading a book. The feed seemed to be taken from some kind of study. Shelves of books were in the background and other miscellaneous items. On the surface of the desk there are other books, sitting away to the side. The titles are not in view as if Kamui has some anticipation that he would be interrupted or someone might walk in. Kamui seems very engrossed in reading, his eyes unwavering from the printed page, flipping pages with a timed precision.

Not too far from Kamui was a familiar cup. The contents of the cup could not be seen from the camera but it was definitely hot, steam sailing up from it. It seemed normal enough except for the festive and minty addition to his drink. There was a candy cane sticking out of the substance leaning on the edge of the cup.

Every now them, his hand come up to stir the  substance around, using the cane as makeshift stirring spoon before taking a sip of it and setting it back down on the desk. His eyes never moving away from the book. Then suddenly his eyes looked toward the door, a hand closing the book promptly,and it only takes a few moments before the sound of a door opening and a voice is heard. The feed ends there.]
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