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Warnings: Implications and fantasy....nothing really explicit
Effects: feelings of lust, possessiveness, thrill, intrigue and selfishness

Kamui  leaned against the wall, eyes close, and his heart still beating from the actions of the night. The scent of rain still lingered in the air even if the downpour had passed. It came from their clothes. The brunette's eyes opened looking over to the other in the room.
An ebony haired beauty with white skin, crimson red eyes dressed in a dark red kimono, the yellow obi tied in the front; a prostitute--no---not anymore.

His mind wandered to earlier that night, where he stood within the frame of the window, the other man in his arms, a dozens footsteps running up the stairs to stop him for leaping. But he had already fallen long ago. You are mine. He jumped.

 His blue eyes blinked, finding himself back in this small room with only a fire to keep them warm from the night chill, and a few walls to hide them from shot. A hideaway in the middle of the woods. They would not find them. They would not take what was his. Kamui watched the light of the fire dance against the man's pale skin, making those red eyes glow an ardent gleam. Those bewitching turned in his eyes direction, matching his gaze and he was completely undone.

He remembered has the rain felt as it his his cheek and how cold it was, as he ran from their pursuers. Those pale, delicate hands gripped at the top, and he didn't stop running, no matter how his legs threatened to buckle.

The brunette found himself sitting in front of Itachi, his hands reaching out towards the other. His eyes never wavering from the other eyes.Kamui grabbed onto the obi, pulling at it making it slack and the kimono loosening, sliding off the other's shoulders and revealing a sliver of the other's bare chest. And he leaned into the other feeling the heat of the fire, his heart pounding, lips inches away from the man's mouth, but not moving to kiss. He whispered against them. "You are mine."

[Kamui stirs around in bed,tangled up in his blankets but he doesn't wake up. The dreamberry eventually cuts off.]
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