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Yes, Kamui had to go through a lot of development,but even so, I felt Kamui was capable of being in a committed relationship. It was just he wouldn't enter one, because he was so focused on his brother. Subaru comes first in all things. But through his development in Somarium the way he used to think kind of changed. So it was possible for him to be in a committed relationship, but to want it for himself as well.

When he first arrived in Somarium, he didn't talk to anyway. And you probably didn't see him much.He focused on leaving the dreamworld to be reunited with his brother. And for a long time that's all he thought about. His entire lifestyle was set with the mentality that he could leave any moment. So he only brought things that were necessary. He moved very often. He only went out at night, etc. But I think what made Kamui opened up a lot is probably his dreams being projected to public. Unlike in Tokyo, the guardians of the Government Building left him to his own devices. They didn't even know he was a vampire, they just thought he was really strong. It was easier for him to not interact with them , or for him to avoid revealing anything about himself.

In Somarium that his dreams were revealing his devotion to his brother. Guilt he was feeling over being separated from Subaru, and even guilt over letting him be trapped in the reservoir in Tokyo. The dream effects also allowed people to feel the emotions that Kamui had kept hidden, and by looking into other people's dreams he was able to relate to some people on an emotional level.

And with being in Somarium for so long, he was able to make "acquaintances" who he's grown closer to over time and who he later identifies as "friends". But I will return to this point later since it has a lot to do with why Kamui took the plunge and decided to be in a relationship and especially with Itachi.

This post is when him and Itachi first met.Kamui's first interactions with Itachi was minimal. He just came from medicine to cure an ailing Subaru ( TRC! Subaru had not arrived and he was looking after TB! Subaru). Of course after this meeting, Kamui didn't really remember Itachi after this.

But some time later he receives a call from Itachi, asking that Kamui looks after his brother since he is apart of the same expedition into the desert. ( At the time everyone was getting sick from some virus, and in order to get the cure three expeditions in Somarium took place. One to the desert, which Kamui did. The floating mountain and I think there another place....i forgot.)

And then after they returned, he received another call from Itachi, where the ninja wanted to thank Kamui for looking over him. This lead to meeting up again in this post.

After some reluctance Kamui takes Itachi's gift and even goes as far to have coffee ( well in Itachi's case Hot Chocolate). And after this they keep in contact with each other. But I think at this time, Kamui was able to relate to Itachi because he also had a brother. And his home world was just as chaotic as his. So I suppose that's what kept Kamui interested, but he wasn't thinking in the lines of finding significant other at the time. But I think this time period is significant in Kamui's growth overall. He's starting to get used to living in Somarium, and his opinion of it is changing. He's acknowledging that Somarium can be peaceful and good for someone trying to live a normal life. Versus loathing Somarium for separating him from his brother and keeping him trapped here.

This is just another post when then simply talking. Kamui is placing the gift that Itachi gave him to use and they have a decision about the dreamberries and brothers.

Takuma, a friend of Kamui's,plays match-maker and invites to a tea party that he's throwing for Itachi. Since Itachi comes from a world that doesn't have tea parties in the Europenan sense, Takuma wanted him to experience it. So he invites Kamui under the pretense that it would make Itachi more comfortable. The voicemail post is here and the actual log for the tea party is here.

On Christmas day they meet again and they exchange gifts. However, a lot of progress was made between the two since there was a special effect. On Christmas, you can only say the truth. And both, Kamui and Itachi were ones who didn't say the whole truth or they choose their words carefully. However here this barrier was brought down since they both were affected. Here, Kamui reveals his reluctance in becoming Itachi's friend...and probably the one of the major reason he didn't want to be close to anyone in Somarium. ( A months prior because of AU event in Somarium, Kamui forgot he was a vampire and once everything reverted back to normal, his hunger for blood returned tenfold. So Kamui was forced to prey on some of the people he's grown close to. Something he regrets, even if they did so willing.)

Also in this truthful conversation they reveal how lonely they both have been. Itachi feeling lonely since he's been living alone, his younger brother,Sasuke, lives with another couple. And not to long ago, Soubi, the first person Itachi's met in Somarium had gone home. Itachi has been accustomed to having Kisame, his companion in Akatsuki with him along his travels.

And then there's Kamui who still longs for his brother. And although he's living two others at the time, one of them being TB! Subaru, he still feels lonely. Especially seeing Subaru's face, but the memories and the past they had were not same, since Subaru came from another universe. And like Itachi, Kamui was used traveling with his twin brother, who hadn't arrived in Somarium as of yet.

New Year's eve rolls around and Takuma is up to his matchmaking antics again. As mentioned in the tea party thread, there was a discussion about New Year's celebrations. Which lead to Takuma fixing up a New Year's celebration by lake. Of course Kamui and Itachi spends it together and they kind of cement what was promised in the Christmas day thread. Each one of them were lonely in their own way, so they made a promise to be there for each other as friends. However, I think on New year's eve it became more and more liking that they would go beyond the friendship since that promise is sealed with a kiss. But I don't think  Kamui or Itachi realized it as such as of yet.

After New Year's, the two of them are becoming closer. The proof is in this post, where Kamui comes over to Itachi's apartment. This is after Kamui meets X! Seishirou and they have a scuffle. And Kamui talks about it over with Itachi.

Soon after Kamui has a dream about Itachi that pretty much expressed his attraction for the ninja. And then it develops into Kamui thinking of Itachi as more than just a friend.

Their more than friend status develops more when Kamui is under a card effect and changes into a girl. Kamui's more feminine body makes him more in tune to his own emotions, and even Itachi is able to open up more to Kamui. So their relationship develops more from there, since they come to an agreement of living with each other.

However for a while they have gained their relationship as "lovers,not in love", basically friends with benefits. It was practical for Kamui and Itachi to live to together to cure their loneliness. And they could get along together since they were both fairly private people and they wouldn't hinder each other from doing their daily routine. They were basically acting as roommates. However their relationship  gets deeper once Kamui actually drinks Itachi's blood, seen in this thread.

And Kamui becomes even more fiercely protective of him as shown here. Unknowingly Kamui had formed a special link with Itachi due to drinking his blood. So he becomes more obsessed in protecting that. Of course at this point if anyone had asked him if he loved Itachi, he would have said no. But his actions prove otherwise.

The way Kamui thinks completely changes as well. He starts to believe that he wanted to live for himself. For so long his brother has been his world. His entire world....that who he was and who he wanted to be was placed on hold, in order to effective protect his brother. But with Itachi Kamui feels he can be selfish and explore that side of him that he postponed.

And then everything comes to a boiling point! Where they drop their title of convenience,"lovers, not in love" and actually forget their pride and their own fears. Accepting that the feelings that they had for each other is actually love. So i believe this is actually when the two of them became lovers. Before they were just fooling themselves, and taking it as seriously as it is now.

Though these two still have a while to go. But they are communicating better than they had, and are showing each other affection. Still when it comes to the outside world, it may seem like they are still strangers when in fact they are pretty passionate lovers.

A recent development in their relationship is when Itachi leave Somarium briefly. Kamui is definitely affected by it, walking around aimlessly for his lost partner. And when he comes to the realization that Itachi has truly left, Kamui is crushed. But after a month, Itachi returns, and although many things has happened after his lover's return, Kamui is even more devoted.
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