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Warning: Lots of imagery of blood...probably not suitable for kids
Effects: (optional) A strong sense of hunger, agonizing pain, feeling of being restrained, smell of blood and maybe a metallic taste

There's nothing but darkness, so dark that nothing could be made out. And since sight could not be used, the other senses were heightened.

Drip,drip, drip

A fluid plummeting to the ground in small, constant amounts.The sound of that echoes,bouncing off the walls and resonating within the space. The sound of the dripping grew louder, becoming more apparent.

But it wasn't only the sound, but the smell of it ,too. A coppery, rustic one that hung in the air and lingered.  It was almost teasing, how the metallic smell took up the space. And to add to the insult, the smell was strong enough for it to be tasted. Mingling with memory of the tongue.

The urge to go after the source of the sound and aroma followed soon after, but any movement to go towards it was negated by this pressure placed on the body. Hindering it from moving anywhere. Making the whole predicament worse, being stuck in the middle of the assault of senses. Hearing, sight, and sound all doing it's part to torture.


The dream is cut short when the dreamberry is thrown off the edge of what appears to be a bed. It hit the floor with a clatter, but fell onto it's back so it continued to record. A dark figure emerges from the bed, clutching at his stomach and staggering as it got its footing. However, that seemed difficult, so the figure allowed himself to lean on a nearby wall for support. The figure picked up his head, realizing that the dreamberry is on. He stumbled over to it, shutting off the device.


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