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Kamui is the first child of Serenity and Mamoru Chiba. For most of his childhood, he lived a happy and carefree life. He was one of the top students in his class, but despite being quite popular. However, at the age of ten, his father died tragically in a bank shoot out and Kamui distanced himself for everyone. Except for his mother, who he clung to, not wanting to lose her too. But he tried to bother her with his own feelings,knowing that see had her own burdens as a single parent and headmistress.

After the death of his father, a pivotal moment in Kamui's life, he was named heir of his father's company. Kamui's father, Mamoru Chiba, was a Japanese businessman that dabbled in many industries. However, most of his focus and energy was in his philanthropy, what he did for the common man.

Being heir to his father's company was a responsibility that Kamui didn't want, mainly because he felt it had to do with his father's death. His father was a good man, maybe too good. And dealing in the same work as him made Kamui nervous about his own future and survival in this world. However, he goes along with it, in order to make sure that his mother is taken care of. If the business was to go under than his mother would be in a bad position. And he couldn't have that.

That was until one fateful day that he came across Lelouch, the CEO of the Britannia Construction company. It seemed that Lelouch's company was finishing up one of the projects that was set in motion before his father's death. And so during a business meeting, the two managed to hit off.

Kamui felt he could relate to Lelouch,also being a young businessman and also dealing with a tragedy within his family. But he admired Lelouch's strength to take the reigns of his family's company and do what needed to be done. The strength Lelouch possessed was something Kamui wanted for himself. Since he didn't want the same fate as his father, murdered in cold blood for his good deeds. He wanted to be a part of something that made him stronger, feared, so he joined Lelouch's family under his mother's nose, in order to steer his fate away from his father's footsteps.

Despite all that's happen. He still treats his mother kindly, visiting her often, but feeling the need to move out at eighteen,mainly because of his involvement in the mafia and his need for independence. Despite being an heir, Kamui decides to leave in a modest apartment, where he has noisy neighbors that he often had to threaten to keep quiet. For the most person Kamui is quite person.


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