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[It was late, but Kamui couldn't keep this off his mind. It was one thing to not know something out of personal choice, but not to know anything at all,especially when he was desperate for answers, was unacceptable. He found quickly that the answers he sought could not be found on his own and unfortunately, he would have to ask for them. So here the pureblood goes, coming to you Somariumites.]

I've heard about the floating castle, which has now fallen. I've heard about the overlord, who seems to be absent. But this has only left be unsettled. Who's in control now? If anyone?

But I also don't know how things were before? What was the purpose of the castle and the Overlord? What did they do for this world or were they merely a figurehead for something else?

Is there any clue to why the world is the way it is? Why are there Dreamberries? Why is there no end to the desert? What's the mystery behind the fountain and the floating mountain?

I don't care if any or none of my questions get answered, but I just want to be better informed. If anyone has information, then share it. If you don't, ignore this.

[The feed ends there and Kamui settles down having gotten something off his chest.]


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