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Yes, Kamui had to go through a lot of development,but even so, I felt Kamui was capable of being in a committed relationship. It was just he wouldn't enter one, because he was so focused on his brother. Subaru comes first in all things. But through his development in Somarium the way he used to think kind of changed. So it was possible for him to be in a committed relationship, but to want it for himself as well.

tl;dr )
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Warnings: Implications and fantasy....nothing really explicit
Effects: feelings of lust, possessiveness, thrill, intrigue and selfishness

Kamui  leaned against the wall, eyes close, and his heart still beating from the actions of the night. The scent of rain still lingered in the air even if the downpour had passed. It came from their clothes. The brunette's eyes opened looking over to the other in the room.
we can't erase what was meant to be )
[Kamui stirs around in bed,tangled up in his blankets but he doesn't wake up. The dreamberry eventually cuts off.]
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[Filtered to Itachi.]

...I'm coming over. [ Kamui just ends it there. You were fairly informed, Itachi.]
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Serenity - A white designer coat and matching gloves and hat

Subaru- this little guy and needed supplies for the little guy, as well as a hefty amount of books

Takuma - Chocolate fondue set. Highly impractical, but it's full of whim and fun...whatever. Maybe a fondue party is in the future.
There's gourmet chocolate that goes with it as well as a recipe book, so the possibilities are endless!

Kio - An array of art supplies ( He got a bunch of everything)  and Christmas candies

Saki - Gingerbread cookies and dark purple capelet.

Seiji - brown messenger bag

Ritsuka- An empty photo album

Kurogane - Green tea Mochi

OOC: If I forgot someone I'll be sure to put them on the list. Just let me know!
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[ The brunette is seen sitting at  a large wooden desk and leaning into a high back cushioned chair, reading a book. The feed seemed to be taken from some kind of study. Shelves of books were in the background and other miscellaneous items. On the surface of the desk there are other books, sitting away to the side. The titles are not in view as if Kamui has some anticipation that he would be interrupted or someone might walk in. Kamui seems very engrossed in reading, his eyes unwavering from the printed page, flipping pages with a timed precision.

Not too far from Kamui was a familiar cup. The contents of the cup could not be seen from the camera but it was definitely hot, steam sailing up from it. It seemed normal enough except for the festive and minty addition to his drink. There was a candy cane sticking out of the substance leaning on the edge of the cup.

Every now them, his hand come up to stir the  substance around, using the cane as makeshift stirring spoon before taking a sip of it and setting it back down on the desk. His eyes never moving away from the book. Then suddenly his eyes looked toward the door, a hand closing the book promptly,and it only takes a few moments before the sound of a door opening and a voice is heard. The feed ends there.]
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[Filtered away from Subaru Sumeragi:

Have an image of a large metal pot with the bottom burned through and slight blackened. And now have another image of a young man looking at said pot with disdain. Nearby is the charred remains of what looked like kitchen utensils and maybe a cookbook, which seems burned the most as if out of frustration the book was cast into the flames. But the kitchen in the background managed to look quite impeccable despite what was in front of him.]

...who knows how to make soup? Anything to help cure a cold? Also if anyone knows where medicine is available, I want that information too.

[Filtered to Serenity]...I owe you a pot, among other things.
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Warnings: None
Effects: (Optional) Costume swap! Either from Katekyo Hitman Reborn or Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

Kamikorosu Yo )

Kamui woke up to find himself in the same clothes he had in his dream. The school uniform and the red and yellow armband that held so much power. "At least...it's not a pumpkin this time."

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[There it was just sitting there. A large pumpkin taking up most of the space of a bed. Not too far from the bed was a dark haired young man, glaring at the starchy vegetable. His blue eyes were red and there were dark circles underneath them as if he had been woken up abruptly. The brunette eyes narrowed, his blue eyes acting as daggers as he looked at the mysterious pumpkin.]

I want to know who did this.

[If Kamui was in the right state of mind, he would have known no one had done this. His door was locked, his room was much too high for anyone to climb. Plus the window was much too small to push a pumpkin through. And the vegetable was much too heavy for just anyone to carry. It had to be one of those weird occurrences that Somarium did every once in a while. But no, he was already in a rage, and sense wasn't connecting.

Kamui's face turned toward the dreamberry, knowing it was on . His usually blue pupils swirling with a golden color.]

Right now.

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Warnings: Head canon
Effects: (optional) Nervousness,anxious, distrust, worry

Sometimes childhood fears are still present in adulthood )


Kamui eyes opened as soon as the dream ended, he sat up, back in his present body. He was no longer under the effect of the card, thankfully. But that didn't mean the time as a child was forgotten. Everything was coming back to him, and now Kamui was feeling slightly embarrassed now. His eyes turned to the dreamberry, realizing it was on. He moved to turn it off, but doesn't.

"For those of you who helped me this past week....thanks." Kamui said, before turning the device now. He was going to hide under a rock now.
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[The video feed activates showing a small boy,about the age of seven, sitting up in bed, looking around bewildered. Once his eyes confirms that nothing looks familiar, the young boy starts looking around the bed frantically. Searching under the sheets and checking under the bed. He whispers into the dark.]

Subaru. Subaru, where are you?

[He stops when he realizes that the person he is looking for is not here. He looks even more uneasy and panicked then before. He cautious steps out this strange bed and went ti the door. Opening it a crack and whispering out for Subaru. But no one answered.

He returns to the room, noticing the glow of the dream berry device not too far away. He warily walks over to the device, picking it up and examining. It seems even the young boy knows how to operate it, he looks directly into the camera.]

W-where is this place? Who brought me here? And what have you done with Subaru?
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[Filtered to Serenity]

...I know that you're okay, but I still want to hear that from you. Contact me whenever you hear this [a pause] ....please.

[Filtered to Kio]

...I'm sure, you're fine.
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Warnings: Tsubasa Chronicle Spoilers...maybe
Effects: (optional) panic, desperation and a bit of anger


Slowly the dark haired boy became conscious. Feeling a coolness envelope his body and it was hard to open his eyes against the water that pressed against them. His eyes shot open, realizing that he was underwater. Who put those feathers there?! )

Kamui opens his eyes as the dream came to a close. The feed shows the vampire lounging on a branch. Kamui doesn't react right away to Dreamberry, his mind seemingly in another world.
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[Filtered to Mamoru Chiba]

I need to speak with you. It's important. Contact me as soon as possible.
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Warning: Lots of imagery of blood...probably not suitable for kids
Effects: (optional) A strong sense of hunger, agonizing pain, feeling of being restrained, smell of blood and maybe a metallic taste

There's nothing but darkness, so dark that nothing could be made out. And since sight could not be used, the other senses were heightened.

Drip,drip, drip

A fluid plummeting to the ground in small, constant amounts.The sound of that echoes,bouncing off the walls and resonating within the space. The sound of the dripping grew louder, becoming more apparent.

But it wasn't only the sound, but the smell of it ,too. A coppery, rustic one that hung in the air and lingered.  It was almost teasing, how the metallic smell took up the space. And to add to the insult, the smell was strong enough for it to be tasted. Mingling with memory of the tongue.

The urge to go after the source of the sound and aroma followed soon after, but any movement to go towards it was negated by this pressure placed on the body. Hindering it from moving anywhere. Making the whole predicament worse, being stuck in the middle of the assault of senses. Hearing, sight, and sound all doing it's part to torture.


The dream is cut short when the dreamberry is thrown off the edge of what appears to be a bed. It hit the floor with a clatter, but fell onto it's back so it continued to record. A dark figure emerges from the bed, clutching at his stomach and staggering as it got its footing. However, that seemed difficult, so the figure allowed himself to lean on a nearby wall for support. The figure picked up his head, realizing that the dreamberry is on. He stumbled over to it, shutting off the device.
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Who: Kamui and anyone disrupting his peace and quiet
Where: His apartment complex or even outside it.
Style: First, third, or either
Status: Open

Kamui would have stayed at the office, but that place was too stifling. He only stayed there when he really had to, but he tried not to be around his father's things. Even if he had used the office years after his father's passing, Kamui still kept it the same. And whenever, someone would try to change something, he was already flipping out. His father's office was one of the few things he had of the other, so he tried his best to keep in the same likeness as the other.

But Kamui found the place suffocating at times. It made him nervous to be there. He didn't know how to  explain the anxiety he felt, but he knew it was real enough for him to be in a hurry to leave.So, Kamui decided to finish his work in the comforts of his own home. Sure it wasn't as quiet as his father's office, but he had his way of dealing with the nuisances that tried to threaten his sleep or his productivity. So as soon as he came in he decided to sit down and do just that. Work. Daring anyone to interrupt him.
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[A feed is open and there is only a voice.]

Tell me everything you know about the desert.

[The feed ends after that. Short and to the point.]
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[It was late, but Kamui couldn't keep this off his mind. It was one thing to not know something out of personal choice, but not to know anything at all,especially when he was desperate for answers, was unacceptable. He found quickly that the answers he sought could not be found on his own and unfortunately, he would have to ask for them. So here the pureblood goes, coming to you Somariumites.]

I've heard about the floating castle, which has now fallen. I've heard about the overlord, who seems to be absent. But this has only left be unsettled. Who's in control now? If anyone?

But I also don't know how things were before? What was the purpose of the castle and the Overlord? What did they do for this world or were they merely a figurehead for something else?

Is there any clue to why the world is the way it is? Why are there Dreamberries? Why is there no end to the desert? What's the mystery behind the fountain and the floating mountain?

I don't care if any or none of my questions get answered, but I just want to be better informed. If anyone has information, then share it. If you don't, ignore this.

[The feed ends there and Kamui settles down having gotten something off his chest.]
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Warnings: None
Effects: Happiness, a need to please, wariness and calmness

After exiting the passageway between worlds, the two travelers fell abruptly into the new world. There was a slight surprise at falling so suddenly but the two travelers were about to graceful land on their feet. Two pairs of eyes surveyed the unfamiliar environment and their eyes widened slightly at what they beheld. Before any of them could say a word, the sound of waves crashing against  rocks and shore could be heard.

"A beach?" The shorter one of the pair finally said.
Only in dreams can I see you )

The dream ends, but the dreamberry is recording in a dark place. It's hard to make out anything, even with screen light. However, after awhile, a pair of amber eyes is spotted and the dreamberry is cut off with a swift SLAM!

(ooc: Blue is Kamui and Green is Subaru. Though his name wasn't mentioned.)


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